Saturday, October 1, 2016

Don't give in to the brat.

Across the lake is Old Forge Camping Resort with
more than 400 campsites and cottages.
Last night I vowed to hike the nature trail this morning. This morning there was no part of me that wanted to live up to that vow, but I did. A lesson in the making.

As I left home I thought of leaving my trekking pack behind. After all I was in a camping resort – it was super civilized – the trail was probably paved. 

Wrong! Not only was the pack the right thing to have, I should have brought a walking stick.

The Corps of Engineers would be proud of this artificial lake,
but credit goes to eager beavers that formed
the dam in the foreground.
A warning at trail's head cautioned that parts might be impassable due to beaver activity. The little darlings love to build dams that turn creeks into lakes.

The hike was beautiful and I returned safely an hour later with nothing worse than the bottoms of my shoes wet. Sure glad I didn't give in to the brat.

The lesson: When my brat begs to stay in bed, think not of the warm comfy sheets, but of the elation that awaits the end of the trek.

161001 - Don't give in to the brat 
Odometer: 93,486 
Miles today: 104 
Location: Old Forge, NY 
Facility: Old Forge Camping Resort

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  1. I saw you in Baker Montana yesterday! Came to check out the website. Very fun to read, hope you'll be posting more!